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Internal Bra - Featured in 33News


The Internal Bra technology is very exciting. The results are awesome and the patients very happy. This patient had had previous breast implant surgery. The left inframammary fold had lost its integrity and the resulting deformity is depicted in her pre-operative photos. 

The surgeon attempted conventional repair times and each time the defect recurred. The patient lost hope until she heard about dermal allograft and xenograft and was referred to me. 

Placement of the dermal xenograft, in this case Strattice by Lifecell corporation, corrected the problem as seen in the post-operative views 3 months after surgery (see video). The patient also chose to replace the implants with larger silicone gel (she now has 600 cc silicone gel Natrelle implants). 

The Strattice precludes the possibility of deformity recurrence and capsular contracture. Within three weeks of the Internal Bra breast lift, the implanted xenograft has vessel ingrowth and becomes part of the patient's body. The Strattice dermal implant, as a thin, strong material will bear the weight of the implant so that minimal stretch and sagging of the breast tissue and skin will occur. 

 This is the concept of the internal bra put into practice. The patient is now excited, happy, and feels confident her body and herself.

See "Mommy Makeover" video featured in 33News


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