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Bariatric Contouring

Many patients are thrilled to lose an impressive amount of weight following major weight loss surgery. One very bothersome side effect of losing all of the weight is the excess, loose skin that is still visible and oftentimes bothersome, resulting in problems such as rashes, irritation, difficulty exercising and hygiene issues. This extra skin that has been stretched out over years has lost its elasticity and unfortunately will not go away on its own.  The only proper solution is to have it removed carefully by a trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, such as Dr. Godat.   Most of the newly slimmed patients must deal with so much extra hanging skin, including an overhanging pannus, the large apron of skin hanging from the stomach that can cover the pubis and groin areas, floppy arms, thighs, and sagging breasts, that they are unable to fully appreciate their new, slimmer and healthier figures.  This skin usually causes the patient to feel very self-conscious, sometimes even more so than when they were heavier.

Most patients in this state condition require a mastopexy, or breast lift, often in conjunction with breast implants. Men who have body shaping surgery usually undergo male breast reduction surgery to remove the pendulous skin hanging from their chests. An abdominoplasty is almost always recommended as well to reduce the amount of skin sagging in the abdomen, accompanied by an arm lift and thigh lift. This usually leaves long, visible scars on the arms, chest, stomach and legs. Most surgeons break the surgical task into an upper, and a lower, body lift. A lower body lift removes the sagging skin on the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs while the upper body procedure removes loose skin from the arms, breasts and chest.   Most patients would prefer the long scars over the excess skin.

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