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Disclaimer: Results Can Vary Significantly

Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique factors affecting the outcome. Therefore NO TWO SURGICAL procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results, even if patients are fairly similar and even if the procedures are performed by the same Plastic Surgeon. In terms of results and expectations, there are numerous variables with every patient, each surgery and every recovery and healing period.

The testimonials below are from our past clients

This has been the easiest process ever.  I’ve always wanted larger breast but I never thought I’d actually be brave enough to get a breast augmentation.  After breastfeeding two children my breast sagged so bad! 
A friend referred me to Dr. Godat. Shortly after I scheduled my consultation. His staff is amazing. Stacey made the entire process amazingly easy. She was always there for my questions and concerns. 
I arrive for surgery, had my IV started by the best anesthesiologist ever. Shortly after I went in for my surgery and I woke up with the most amazing breast ever.  One month later, I love my new breast! They’re the perfect size and they feel amazing!
I love Dr. Godat and his staff! I’d see him for any other procedure I’d ever consider in the future!  - (Sept. 2014)
I’m beyond thrilled with my breast lift, new silicon implants and “internal bra.” My breasts are perfect, and look even better than I had imagined. Best of all, I’m finally comfortable in my body!
Dr Godat is a highly skilled surgeon who was able do what other doctors told me wasn't possible. I absolutely love Dr Godat’s staff who took such great care of me before and after my surgery. My excellent experience and results were well worth the trip from NYC. I highly recommend that any girl who wants gorgeous breasts (like mine) to travel from anywhere to see Dr. Godat and his fabulous caring team. - (Sept. 2014)

Spanish: Estoy super contenta y feliz con los resultados del procedimiento de aumento de seno que me hiso Dr. Godat lo recomiendo el 100% y muy agradecida con su personal de trabajo las chicas se portaron super bien conmigo fueron muy amables. - - (August 2014)

Dr. David M. Godat  came highly recommended by co-workers and other medical professionals. He has truly met and exceeded my expectations, so I am extremely excited and pleased with my results just six weeks post-op, as are of my family, friends and associates who knew me before the procedures. Dr. Godat asked me a plethora of questions that demonstrated his goal was to fulfill my needs and desires with his medical and artistic expertise. I truly enjoy and appreciate the experienced staff he has selected. They have made me feel like a new women and a work of art, because I never thought I could look this great. I that sound vain but that is how feel about how I look, I love looking in the mirror. Dr. Godat's team are all outstanding with their ability to prepare you for your surgery and follow-up care, they are all knowledgeable as well as helpful by emulating his demeanor for perfection. They offer the expertise, empathy, sympathy, care and concern one need when embarking on the cosmetic surgery journey with the highest possible regard. With the highest regard for Dr. Godat and his staff, I recommend this fabulous and dynamic to anyone requiring and/or desiring and form of cosmetic surgery. - -  Respectfully submitted by Ms. Rebecca V. Ollison  (August 2014)

Spanish: Fascinada con mi resultado, despues de 11 anos viviendo escondida bajo exceso de piel a causa de dos embarazos a corta edad, y frustrada de hacer dietas y rutinas rigurosas de ejercicios, boot camps, marathons, gym, pilates, zumba etc. Nada lograba desaparecer o tan solo apretar un poco los muscilos abdominals recurri a la abdominoplacia como ultimo recurso. Ahora me pregunto por que no lo hize antes? Ahora disfruto de lucir bikinis de dos piezas vestidos hermosos. En mi caso tambien hice implantes de busto, tenia miedo de quedar exagerada mientras la enfermera decia que “you will wish you would have gone bigger” “desearas habertelas hecho mas grandes” y tenia razon se ven Geniales, simplemente ha sido la major inversion de mi vida, inverti en mi, y lo que yo merezco. Feliz, Gracias a Dr Godat, y su equipo, Stacey, Laura y mas quienes me trataron incredible. - - (August 2014)

Best investment of my life! After having 2 kids and serious weight loss my breast needed some serious help. Dr. Godat  was recommended to me by a good friend who recently got a breast augmentation. I made an appointment for a consultation, the staff was friendly and great and my questions and concerns were answered. I scheduled my breast augmentation procedure and again the staff and medical staff were great. My recovery was a breeze and the staff does follow up calls to check on you. Dr. Godat was great, would definitely come back again.  - - C. Gibson (April 2014)

As a female in my mid 50's, I felt my appearance did not match the energy or attitude of the person I was inside. I looked tired and like gravity had taken over my body. My experience with Dr. Godat and his staff has been amazing. I have had blepharoplasty and breast enlargement procedures with fantastic outcomes. Thanks to these two procedures, I feel so rejuvenated and excited to face the mirror again! My ONLY regret is that I didn't have these enhancements a few years ago when I first started thinking about them. Dr. Godat is a very knowledgeable and skilled surgeon with the most wonderful 'bedside manner'. He is a pleasure to talk with and so patient in addressing my questions and concerns. I am totally confident that the advice he has to offer is the best I could possibly get and am completely comfortable under his care. His entire staff has always made me feel cared for as a person, not just another patient. For anyone considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Godat and his team. And most importantly, don't delay! - - Signed "DefyingGravity" (March 2014)

Dr. Godat was very professional and when he did my breast reduction last January his staff was very knowledgeable. My surgery was a huge success and I was vey pleased with my results. I had no complications after surgery. I went from a 44G to a 42D and I no longer have back pain and I can now sleep on my comfortably. - - One Happy Patient (Feb. 2014)

At age 64, I knew that undergoing two procedures simultaneously came with added risk. So when I researched plastic surgeons who were "preferred providers" on my medical insurance, I first carefully screened them by their credentials. Then I studied their work from an aesthetic standpoint by comparing their "before and after" pics on their websites. I even searched for lawsuits they were possibly involved in on the internet. I made appointments with a total of 4 of those board certified plastic surgeons, all with excellent credentials and connections with medical schools I respected and hospitals that had reputations I was comfortable with. I discussed my "Granny takeover" (a combination of breast work and tummy tuck for mature women) with each. Dr. Godat and his office team immediately stood out as personable, easy to connect with, and down to earth, qualities which are priceless if you can them in such a well educated, trained and experienced surgeon. My Granny takeover went smoothly, just as Dr. Godat assured me after thoroughly vetted my medical history. My results are, I have to say,  asTOUNDingly  perky girls and an ENviously flat tummy - people tell me I look 30 years younger and I LOVE going braless in beautiful tops when hubby and I go out to dinner. I recommend Dr. Godat without any reservation. In fact, he is now also my hubby's surgeon, having recently repaired a large 30 year old hernia for him with innovative technique. Go with Godat. - (Dec. 2013)

My breast reduction surgery with Dr. Godat was a breeze. I went into surgery at 7am. I was on my way homeby noon to 1pm. I felt great. I even did some work that afternoon - including bookkeeping and payroll for 20 employees! The best single thing that I ever done (aside from my daughter) was deciding to have breast reduction. The hardest thing to was to get up the nerve to make the appointment! - - Happy with Dr. Godat  (Nov. 2013)

I cannot express the instantaneously relief i felt from chronic neck and back pain. I experienced from the moment i woke up from my breast reduction surgery with Dr. Godat. I have two ruptured disks in my neck that had caused temporary numbness in my arms and even permanent numbness in my left thumb. Not to mention the hours spent at a computer that my back would just ache. I could only get relief by physically lifting my breasts to take the weight off my back, neck and shoulders. Today, 3 years post-reduction surgery, I could not happier. I have, not once, experienced the numbness in my arms nor the achiness from sitting at a computer. How do I spell relief from shoulder, neck and back pain? B-R-E-A-S-T R-E-D-U-C-T-I-O-N! I promise you will not regret it! - - Living Pain Free  (Nov. 2013)

My name is Denise Bentley and I am 57 years old. In January I has a gastric by-pass procedure and lost 137 pounds. The weight loss was great, but left me with quite a bit of sagging skin and I decided after 2 years that I wanted to see what could be done. It was then that I consulted with Dr. Godat and underwent 3 seperate procedures. I had an abdominoplasty and a breast lift. I then had a thigh lift, followed by a buttock lift. I have never felt so confident in my appearance as I do now, even thinking back to when I was younger. The experience that I have had throughout the visits with Dr. Godat and his staff has been life changing. - (Oct. 2013)

After meeting with three DFW plastic surgeons for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery, I met Dr. Godat and knew right away that he was the best doctor for me. It was clear that he was not only and excellent, attentivesurgeon but also an innovator in his field. My surgery went well and I've been told countless times that my results are the best that people have ever seen, natural and flattering to my fingure. I would definitely refer even my closest friend to Dr. Godat and his wonderful staff without hesitation. - Dallas mom of three (Sept 2013)

The staff is amazing and made me feel so comfortable. After years of extremely saggy breast, I feel so confident that now I dont mind my Husband seeing me topless. I am actually proud of my appearance and my clothes even fit better. Worth every penny! Dr. Godat is fabulous.  - Dawnel (Sept. 2013)

I could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Godat and his staff. Dr. Godat listened to all of my concerns and took care to ensure I received everything I asked for. His staff was friendly and put me at ease immediately, and I had all my questions answered quickly and honestly. From the initial consultation to my final follow up, the exceeded my expectations in every way. I am thrilled with my results and I am already recommending Dr. Godat to friends and family members.  - (Sept. 2013)

I had breast augmentation done about 10 years ago, and recently noticed changes in the volume and shape of my breast. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Godat and immediately scheduled surgery to replace my implants to a newer, improved implant. I am 3 weeks post surgery and absolutely LOVE my results! Dr. Godat has made me one happy client!!!!  -  (Sept. 2013)

I was so excited to find Dr. Godat and wish I had found 30 years ago when I really wanted my breast put back where they belong. I guess everything has it's time and place and happens for a reason. I say that because I had another girlfriend that wanted a breast reduction as well. She did her research and found Dr. Godat so that took most of the homework out for me. Being the skeptical person that I am I compared Dr. Gadat's work to other Doctors that friend recommended. This is when I found out that I really did not want just a breast reduction....I wanted a total overhaul and Dr. Godat was the only one that could provide that for me. The Internal Bra!!!! It has been 9 months since I started this journey and could not be happier with my new boobs, Dr. Godat and his staff!! I feel more like a friend when I enter his office. He and his staff have taken such good care of me and gone the extra mile to make sure that I am happy with the results. Obviously I am and now I want everything else back to what it was 30 years ago. - 62 Year Old Happy Woman (August 2013)

After a hernia repair in 2009, I began to have pain at the incision site along with a raised appearance of the scar. I returned to the Surgeon who performed the hernia repair several times with my concerns only to be told that this was normal and would go away with time. After a year and a half of pain, A friend who was also a Physician and had sent several Patient's to Dr. Godat referred me to him. I met with Dr. Godat in his office and surgery was immediately set up to remove the access scar tissue as a result of an allergy to the product used in the during my initial hernia repair. I underwent a hernia repair with a tummy tuck. The surgery went great, and now I am pain free with a nice flat stomach! Thank You Dr.Godat for doing such a phenomenal work to correct my hernia and give me back my "pre baby" tummy! (August 2013)

"I an so thankful for everything Dr. Godat did for me.  I love the results of everything he worked on, and I am thrilled to be able to shop in the juniors section for my clothes now!  I feel so much better about myself now, and my results are better than I expected them to be.  He is a true artist and I recommend him to anyone!  It feels great to be a mom to a 9 year old, 5 year old and 9 month old,  and to finally feel good about the way I look again.  My 20 year class reunion is next month and I am proud to say I am excited for it!"  Lara S. (June 2013)

"I had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Godat in August 2010.  He changed my life!  I was plagued with chronic back and neck pain for several years prior to my surgery.  Today I have none.  It truly made me feel like a new person.  In addition, my chest had always been something I disliked about myself.  I wore minimizing bras to try to hide the size.  I just wasn't comfortable with myself.  Now, I love the way I look and feel.  I actually am no longer afraid to go bra-less around my own home!  Dr. Godat, Chrissy and the whole staff are super friendly- I just felt a special comfort-ability in their hands. "  - Kristi W. (May 2013)

"Everyone at Dr. Godat's office is really friendly and helpful.  Dr. Godat is very personable, and he spent time with me to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable about the procedures.  The staff is so friendly, and I know them by name as they do me when I call.  I can be a little high maintenance, and they were so kind about my special needs.  The one-on-one care I received there meant a lot to me."  -Stephanie W. (April 2013)

" Life Changing! If ever you want to feel like you're in good hands when making a decision about plastic surgery, come to David Godat.  I have had multiple procedures, including breast augmentation with the Internal Bra and a tummy tuck.  The man is a genius!  None of my friends or family believe I have breast implants because they look and feel so natural.  He is just amazing and I would never go anywhere else.  I live in Arizona and I come to Dallas just to see him."  - Amanda D. 

" I have always been ashamed of my breast since adolescence. I can now come home after work and put a tee shirt on and they are still perky. Even bra-less! Perky & bra-less are not two words that I have been able to use before now. It is such a different world from what I’m used to. It’s great! I feel such a great sense of freedom and no longer feel self conscience. Even simple things such as wearing a button down are now an option. I would 100 percent recommend this procedure to anyone who is large breasted and has had the same struggles. It has been life changing." - Kristi

"Nearly every time I look at my beautiful granddaughter, I say a quiet thank you to you, Dr. Godat.  She did not look so lovely in May 2007 after a dog got a hold of her head.  That evening, however, you helped to save her life and restore her beauty.  I'll never be able to express to you how very grateful my entire family is for you and your expertise."  - Barb M. 

"I am thrilled: from size 22W blouse to a size 12/14 regular. Dr Godat was a god sent to help me go through this journey of breast reduction. He is very passionate about what he does, very caring, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and above all professional. The post-up care is so outstanding. He makes sure you walk out of his office satisfied. His staff/crew are all friendly and they make you feel comfortable. Thank you, DR GODAT!" -Chinelo

"Since having my breast reduction procedure, I have gone from someone who was both physically and psychologically uncomfortable with my body, to feeling sexier and more confident than I have in my entire life. My breasts are perky, firm, and beautiful now!! They look even better than they did when I was 20!! My experience with Dr. Godat and his wonderful and talented staff was absolutely amazing. He did an impeccable job, and I can truly say that I could not have imagined more beautiful results!" -Jennifer

“After 20 plus years in the beauty industry as a successful hairdresser-business owner in Dallas, I've learned a lot of the do's and don’ts of plastic surgery. When I decided it was time for a little nip/tuck, I did my homework and met Dr. Godat and knew instantly he was the man for me. The confidence he instilled in me along with his professionalism and caring attitude I am thrilled to say I look fabulous. I am so happy in the fact that I do not look "done"; I simply look ten years younger."
People keep asking me even a year later if I just got back from vacation. My friends my age cannot figure why I look so much younger. My facelift looks so natural.
Dr. Godat also instilled such a special trust. I really had no idea what I needed to have done. He really advised me well. "Sometimes" he said, "less is more." I love him for that honesty.
The whole experience was simply marvelous from start to finish; with his staff, the pre-op and post-op care, and the results. I could not have wished for better. I will continue to recommend Dr. Godat to everybody I know he can help without reservation. He is my hero.” - Lorraine

“Probably the happiest thing I have ever done for myself... Definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would recommend Dr. Godat for breast augmentation surgery to anybody, and everybody... And I have. It was so easy. I felt so safe and comfortable. The results are wonderful. I love them. I think they are beautiful. I loved the staff. I felt like family.” - Dawn

“Absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone tells me that they cannot believe that I am the age I am. I definitely look ten years younger.
When I first met Dr. Godat, I found him very approachable and down to earth. I didn't feel that I was just another person on the conveyer belt. And that was an important part of going ahead with the procedure. The support staff was wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring.  I was surprised my facelift was absolutely painless. I had no discomfort whatsoever. I attended a party 18 days later, and no one guessed I had had a facelift. They just said how wonderful I looked. When I told them I had had surgery they could not believe it and wanted my surgeon's number.” - Geraldine, London, England

" Dr. Godat performed breast reduction surgery for me. After I healed from the surgery, the first thing I noticed was an absence of neck pain! I didn’t even know I had neck pain. My shoulder pain was also no longer an issue, but I always known I had shoulder problems all along. For the first time my shoulders where relaxed. I had struggled with the problem for so long I hadn’t even realized it was there. My strap grooving is gone and for the first time I am walking straight!!! My clothes fit better and the seat belt in the car actually fits.  I feel so much better about myself since the surgery. My bust was always the first thing that people noticed and I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like they notice me and not my bust line! Not only do I feel better physically, I feel better emotionally as well. By far the best thing I have ever done for myself and I would defiantly to it again.  Dr. Godat was fantastic!! His before and after care is amazing… Everyone from start to finish was friendly and professional. I can’t wait to go shopping!!" - Anne

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