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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Dramatic restoration of youth to an aging face, contouring the breast, and fixing contour irregularities in the body can all be achieved with the fat transfer procedure. Fat is removed from the abdomen or hips, specially treated, and carefully placed where it is needed in the face, breast, or body. Fat transfer can be done under sedation or general anesthesia with a MD anesthesiologist. It should always be performed in an operating room setting. Incisions are no longer than an eighth of an inch and recovery from surgery is relatively pain free. Swelling can take two to three months to completely subside and reveal the final result. The fat transfer procedure achieves results that were not previously possible with older tissue filler technology. The grafted fat lasts forever and is not associated with any of the problems of a synthetic filler.

 In conjunction with a face lift, fat that is grafted in the temple area, the tear trough, lower lids, cheeks, nasolabial fold, lips, and jawline restore volume and shape to an aging face in a way that cannot be achieved by any other technique. Fat transfer in the face can also augment the cheeks and lips in younger as well as middle-aged or older patients.

Patients looking for better breast shape or mild increases in breast size may choose fat transfer instead of more traditional augmentation with synthetic implants. Patients who have some contour irregularities, either natural or caused by previous surgery, can be corrected with fat grafting surgery.

Patients can return to driving and regular activity as soon as they no longer need narcotic pain medication and can resume regular levels of exercise and activity three weeks after surgery. Incisions are so small that they require no glue or suture.

 Fat grafting to the breast or body can be done alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.

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