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Hair Removal

Skin and Laser

Laser hair removal is the effective way to permanently lose and reduce unwanted body hair. As the treatment works on practically every part of the body a great variety of options are open to the customer. Women typically prefer to reduce hair on the legs, underarms, face, and around the bikini line while most men choose to target back, chest, and neck hair.

The safe procedure is conducted by using specially constructed lasers. The laser light is focused on the melanin, the color in the hair follicles. The light passes through the lighter skin colors and is absorbed by the dark pigmentation, impairing the follicle and preventing future hair growth. Generally, the hairs fall out two to three weeks after treatment.

The laser treatment can only prevent future hair growth by disrupting the hairs during their growing stage. Because the hairs around the body grow during different times, multiple treatments will be necessary to impact all the hair follicles during their individual growing times.

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