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Internal Bra

Internal Bra

For woman who want perkier breasts that maintain their shape longer, the internal bra is a new, exciting technology that will satisfy their wishes. In addition to this, the internal bra can correct previously uncorrectable surgical errors, and prevent complications of implant surgery. In plastic surgery of the breast, prevention of aging and gravity effects and correction of previous plastic surgery, remain major challenges. Dr. Godat uses the internal bra to help prevent the breast tissue and skin from stretching in these plastic surgery procedures.

The internal bra is a thin, strong, natural biologic tissue. The material in the internal bra has been used extensively in plastic surgery for breast reconstruction for years. The material is a truly revolutionary tool in cosmetic plastic surgery. With breast augmentation and breast lift plastic surgery, your plastic surgeon places the internal bra along the middle, lower, and outer borders of the breast at chest wall depth. Attached firmly to the chest wall, the internal bra wraps around the breast tissue and/or implant and holds the desired breast shape for longer periods of time. Within weeks the material is completely incorporated into the body’s own tissue.

The use of the internal bra works well in the following cases:

-Women who need breast lift surgery and desire augmentation will benefit from the internal bra. Their newly shaped and lifted breasts will resist aging and gravity much better with the internal bra than they would without it.

-The internal bra enables the correction of difficult problems with previous cosmetic breast surgery. These include implants that are too close together, too far apart, one lower or higher than the other, and rippling and other contour irregularities. The internal bra can reliably eliminate all of these conditions.

-Women with thinner breast tissue are now able to achieve spectacular results with breast augmentation without the worry of skin stretch and sagging, even if they desire a larger implant with their plastic surgery.

-Woman who have had weight-loss surgery are prone to stretchy skin that does not hold up well after plastic surgery, especially breast lift cosmetic surgery. These women can now have breast lift surgery with implants with a long-lasting result due to placement of the internal bra.

The internal bra helps eliminate the most frequent complication of breast implant plastic surgery: misshapen breasts that occur from capsular contracture, i.e. abnormally thick capsules that form around implants in some patients. The thick capsule then distorts the breast and causes pain. But a capsule does not form where the internal bra material is in contact with the implant. This alone may be a compelling reason for many women to get the internal bra with breast implant plastic surgery.

The internal bra can be done with a first-time augmentation, a re-do of a previous augmentation, and a breast lift with augmentation. It adds up to two hours of surgical time to these procedures and patients will experience post-operative discomfort along the border of the breast where the internal bra is attached to the chest wall. This soreness can last up to six weeks. The post-operative bra must be worn for six weeks after procedures and resumption of regular activity and exercise must be delayed to six weeks after internal bra surgery. Otherwise, the post-operative instructions are the same as without the internal bra.

Patients who most commonly seek out the internal bra have had numerous previous augmentation surgeries by at least one surgeon in an attempt to correct sagging and other issues. After these patients have received the internal bra, they have become the most highly satisfied patients in my practice. LINK to VIDEO and Testimonials. Its use will be increasingly included in first time augmentations and lifts with augmentations to prevent these problems from occurring.

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