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Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity

If your hand is impaired in any way, surgery may improve your condition. This type of very specialized surgery can treat diseases that cause pain and impair the strength, function and flexibility of your wrist and fingers. Surgery seeks to restore to near normal the function of fingers and hands injured by trauma or to correct abnormalities that were present at birth. Specifically, hand surgery can treat:

Carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition caused by pressure to the median nerve within the wrist, or carpal tunnel. You might feel pain, a tingling sensation, numbness of the fingers, weakness or aching. Carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with multiple conditions including: repetitive motion or overuse, fluid retention during pregnancy, injury to the nerve in the carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis.

Dupuytren’s contracture – a disabling hand disorder in which thick, scar-like tissue bands form within the palm and may extend into the fingers. It can cause restricted movement, bending the fingers into an abnormal position.

Dequervains release- In this condition, the tendon sheath becomes inflamed, usually as a result of repetitive motion of the thumb, or acute trauma to the site. In most cases, the involved tendons themselves are normal. Because space within the wrist is limited, any local inflammation results in swelling that reduces the space available for the tendon-pulley mechanism to function. Pain and increased inflammation result when the tendon in its swollen sheath is pulled through the tighter space. It becomes difficult for the tendon to glide normally, and consequently it begins to catch and rub, producing jerky movements and causing more pain and inflammation.

In de Quervain's syndrome, the tenosynovitis affects two specific tendons of the wrist, the abductor pollicis longus (APL) and the extensor pollicis brevis (EPB). De Quervain's release surgery stops disease progression by altering conditions within the wrist that perpetuate and increase the pain and inflammation.

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